In The Mix #Part4


In The Mix #Part4 #Freelance

I immediately regonized my surroundings because it was all familiar.As I layed in his bed tied to the headboard by my wrists ,so many things were racing through my mind I couldn’t get a grip on if this was reality or a deep ass dream. Looking around the dark room i noticed my red sparkly duffle bag I was packing before I got knocked out was sitting in the corner on a chair next to his bag. The house was absolutely quiet so I knew Rick wasn’t here.I begin rocking back and forth trying to break free taking this as my only opportunity to get away. The more I rocked I felt the rope on my right wrist begin to loosen. I gave my wrist the strongest pull I could have did and to my luck my right hand was finally free. I begin undoing the rope on my other hand and searching for my phone. I looked all over the bed and in my pockets but there was nothing. I bolted off the bed and tip toed to my duffle bag in the corner thinking maybe he put it in there . There was no phone I should’ve known Rick was way to smart to do that. What am I going to do I said out load to myself crying and holding my sore bruised face. When I walked over to the room door I heard another door shut. Being as quiet as I could I could hear Ricks heavy footsteps coming my way. I tip toed to the closet to hide trying to give him the impression that I already left. I sat in the closet being sure to not breathe heavily when Rick busted into the room. “Where the hell is she” he screamed kicking the top mattress onto the floor and started searching the house . There had to be a way I can get out I thought peeping through the sheds on his closet door. As I leaned over I felt something kinda wet fall against my back. I started to feel over the object trying to figure out what it was. The more I touch the object the more of the sticky wet feeling I felt on my fingers, then I felt a nose. Horrified I couldn’t stay quiet anymore , “Oh no Kareem”…. I screamed. “I’m so sorry” I cried out. At that moment Rick made his way back into his bed room and slung open the closet doors. The light shined in and revealed Kareem’s lifeless body sitting against the wall with four shots to his body and one to his head. Scared and afraid I knew I had to get away from Rick so i quickly got up and started clawing at his face, he grabbed and slung me on the floor. “You dumb fucking Bitch,Tina I love you we can have it all he was in our way please come with me ” Rick angrily begged walking towards me. “How could you do this Rick” I screamed throwing a glass cologne bottle I got off his dresser at him and Ran towards the door. I made my way down the steps and into the street. Uncontrollably crying I raced to the family dollar on the next block. “Are you Ok ma’am ” the cashier asked.”Yes I am … But can I please use your phone” I hesitantly replied. The nice cashier agreed to let me use her phone ,but I knew she was going to tell her manager that a bloody women just came in the store because she couldn’t stop looking me over. I hid in the bathroom and dailed my best friend Missy. When she finally answer I begin sobbing in the phone telling her everything. “I knew something was up I’ve been blowing your phone up i went to your house this morning and you won’t there but your door was unlocked Missy said before letting me know she was on the way to get me. “I’m at the family dollar I’ll hide till I see you , I never wanted you to get in this I’m so sorry I pleaded before hanging up. When she finally arrived I scurried to the car frightened that Rick was nearby. “Go Go Go ” I screamed to Missy. She speed off and we made our way down the road. When Missy finally stopped we where in the parking lot behind our empty neighborhood church. “Girl what the fuck you gone do he killed Kareem now you know and he gone come for you” Missy questioned me in a shaky tone.” I don’t know , I don’t understand why he would do this , I’m so confused ” I cried. “Tina what’s that she pointed at my window. “Eerrrrrkkkkkkkkk” Before I could turn and look out my window a truck smashed against the passenger side of Missy’s car making the car flip two times. I couldn’t move and could feel blood running down my face. “MISSY” I whispered through gasps of air noticing my bestfriend was passed out.
To be continued✍

In The Mix #Part3

#Freelance #InTheMix

“What’s wrong , what is it ?” My bestfriend Missy questioned noticing the fearful expression on my face. I tried to answer her but it was like there was a huge lump in my throat keeping me from speaking. “Tina look at me I’m your bestfriend whatever the hell is going on you know we getting through it together ,TINA” Missy began to yell. “Look this my business I ain’t putting you in shit just don’t tell NOBODY ight? I pressed her grabbing my purse running out of the office. Rick was acting really crazy I never seen him like this before. Was he serious? What did he mean he don’t exist? I kept asking myself as I drove home. Arriving at home I dailed Kareem’s number but there was no answer. I tried to call atleast 6 times but it was no use. Panicking realizing maybe Rick did fall through on his plan I rushed upstairs to pack thinking I would just leave town . I stuffed as many clothes and hygiene products as I could. My phone begin ringing while I was throwing my last little bit of items in my bag. When I seen it was Rick calling me I started packing even faster. I ran down stairs into the kitchen and dugg in the fridge for my stash of money I hid for rainy days . When I walked down the hall towards the door there was Rick , standing there blocking my path. “How the fuck did you get in here ” I screamed at him knowing I locked my door. I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Rick rushed in the kitchen behind me cornering me. “I said I was Sorry you just gone find a new nigga on me.” ” I love you ,you think I’ma let what we got go I know all your secrets!” Rick yelled in rage. “Don’t come any closer. What did you do to Kareem Rick” I screamed crying waving the knife. I was trying to look for ways out of the kitchen but there wasn’t any , he blocked my only exit. Scared not knowing what to do I rushed toward him with the knife but Rick was ready for what I had coming and knew with him being taller he had the upper hand. He punched me and we begin wrestling , he was doing everything possible to get the knife away from me screaming how it was my fault he shot Kareem. He finally got the best of me when he punched and knocked me out. When I finally woke up I was at Ricks’ townhouse in his room tied up .

To be continued ✍

In The Mix #Part2

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My heart was racing and beating so fast I knew he could see how nervous I was. “Who tf is that Tina it’s almost 3 in the morning what the hell going on” Rick questioned beginning to get angry and anxious. “Listen I can explain okay he is just a friend how was I supposed to know you were coming here I haven’t been talking to you for the past 3 weeks” I pleaded . Rick didn’t really care what I was talking about because he went straight to the door and opened it! “Nigga who is you” Kareem asked standing on my porch. “Hold up watch ya tone play boy I’m her man , now ion know what fake ass friendship y’all got going on but you need to bounce and loose her number before we have problems” Rick replied now stepping onto the porch in Kareem’s face. I’ve never been caught up like this , what was I supposed to do. Was I supposed to stand up for Kareem knowing he didn’t deserve this or have Rick’s back knowing I was just having sex with him all over my couch. Either way it was bout to be some bull. I ran onto the porch half dressed pushing them away from each other. “So we just friends Tina you gone sit here and play me for this nigga” Kareem yelled. “Man listen I know how this shit look let me explain Kareem” I begged. “Let you explain what the fuck you mean you ain’t got to explain shit to him you need to explain shit to me I’m your man and been your man for 4 years” Rick yelled yanking me closer to him by my arm. “Word? You got it I’m good on this shit playa I ain’t gone argue over a lying bitch that ain’t mines” Kareem replied walking away. I could see in his eyes I really hurt him and that was never my intentions. “Are you fucking serious you sitting here yelling at me for backsliding with my ex and you got a whole side nigga you out here fucking”Rick yelled pushing me back in the house. “Nigga you brung this on yourself you was cheating so I found someone that did everything you wouldn’t , you did this now it’s my fault ” I screamed pushing and shoving him. “What you mean shit I wouldn’t do…. What you love this nigga ?” Rick questioned pushing me away and I can here the anger in his voice. I hesitated to answer because I was starting to fall for Kareem and feel horrible this shit happened. While I was pondering through my thoughts he had to see my expression because he angrily shoved past me saying he was going to fix this before slamming the door. I ran after him trying to ask what did he mean but he was in his car pulling off. What was I going to do? I can’t believe this happened. What did he mean by that. All these thoughts ran through my head as I sat at my front door crying.

The rays of sunlight shined through my blinds waking me up. My head was pounding eyes were so puffy so I knew my hopes of last night being a dream was ruined. Being so caught up in my emotions I was late for work even though it was my shop. I rushed to get freshened up and dressed. I put on a polo tight pink and green dress and green heels and did my makeup. When I arrived at the shop my bestfriend Missy greated me with her normal humor. “Girl that dress is Sexy Good morning boo” ,Missy joked. “Thanks you know I try but Bitch you need to meet me in my office I’m having a fucking crisis! I whispered to her. “Girl I was just bout to ask you something” she replied dragging me down the hall. We rushed to my office shutting the door behind us. “What you had to ask me” ? I asked. ” Okay so when I got here to open the shop round 8:00 it was some fine ass guy asking where you was at he said his name was Kareem ,girl he looked pissed off too , Missy whispered in a wondering tone. I explained everything to her ..the threat from Rick and the situation with Kareem. I made her swear not to tell anyone because I wasn’t sure what to do or what was going to happen. All of a sudden my phone beginning ringing. My heart dropped seeing that it was Rick. I didn’t answer not knowing what to say to him. Then I received a message from him saying ” I’m the only one your going to love & your friend don’t exist now pick up the phone Now”…….
To be continued✍

Short Story : IN THE MIX

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That cool lonely night I stared into space as I laid in my queen size bed restless from all of the thoughts running through my mind. Looking over at my clock it reads 1:30 a.m. I know this man is no good for me since he got caught up dipping and cheating with his baby mother but I faced it this nigga did something to my soul, just the thought of him will have my panties dripping wet. As I Lay there daydreaming I felt my bed vibrating. I felt all over for my phone and finally found it. I pick my phone up only to see it was Kareem fine ass. My eyes lit up as I answer the phone because Kareem was amazing and treated me like a queen he knew nothing about my true love Rick because Kareem was my backup plan when I found out Rick was cheating but i loved the way he treated me.  “Hello” I say into the phone trying to sound extra cute. “hey sexy I miss you why you ain’t call me today” he asked I’m sorry baby its been a long day at the shop today I was going to call you when I got home but…” I know it’s late but I miss you let me stay the night and I’ll take you out for breakfast” he interrupted “Sure you know I ain’t turning down food ”  i responed with a chuckle knowing damn well i couldn’t fall asleepsnd ain’t want to be myself  .”See you in about a hour baby “Kareem replies as I  blew him a kiss into the phone saying goodbye hanging up. Hopping out of bed I scurried my ass to the bathroom to freshen up and slip on something sexy because I was so excited. I heard a noise so I went out the bathroom and check my phone but there was no messages or missed calls. But there it was again somebody banging on my door. Oh shit his ass was flying I said blushing as I sashayed to my front door in my Victoria secret set. I opened the door without looking through the peep hole and by my surprise there was Rick standing under my porch light. “Oh hell nah nigga wtf you want you lying ass motherf”…before I could finish screaming at him he pushed himself in and started seductively kissing me. My stomach begin to get butterflies , I knew I missed him but I was so mad at him.  ” I love you baby I’m sorry I only want you” Rick whispered  while he took my bra off. My nipples harden as he slipped one into his mouth. Things was really starting to get hot it was like I couldn’t think. He palmed my ass carrying me to my couch. I know I shouldn’t take him back but my body was feening for him. He aggressively layed me down kissing me all over.  He made his way to my thong ,ripped it off and started to feast . I tore his shirt off licking his neck as he proceeded to take his pants off, revealing his 9in hard dick from his Gucci boxers making me fall back inlove . A strong sensation was growing in me and between my legs . He licked my left nipple while entering inside me holding my waist. I’m locking my walls to let him know who got it and what he been missing. My moans grew loud as he whispered in my ear how much he loved me and was sorry. This man did something to me his stares , his touches , his kisses everything about him made me hot inside. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he made love to me in multiple positions. KNOCK KNOCK !!! I jumped forgetting Kareem was on the way and now was at my door. All type of ideas ran through my head I didn’t know what to do but I know Rick not gone go for this. “Who is that it’s late as hell” Rick asked in a deeper tone starting to release me and standing up. Trying to situate myself fixing my hair I knew I was in trouble by the look in his eye and I was running out of time to think of something. KNOCK KNOCK!!! TINA you in there !?Kareem yelled outside my front door. By that moment Rick was walking towards the door pushing past me curious of why a man was at my door…….
To be continued..🤗

New upcoming book “Vindictive”


Okay guys I finally made my cover for my upcoming book “Vindictive” and Want some feedback so Yay or Nay ?


Synopsis: In this shocking serial drama… be cautious with who you fall for because it could be the death of you. On the surface, it may seem young London isn’t like other girls. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Like some of the girls in Newark,Nj she doesn’t come from wealth. London’s gotten what she has using her incredibly attractive looks. Upon graduating high school, she put it to work as a high class stripper. Earning enough coins to take care of herself , little sister and grandma who stayed with her. With a monthly income three times that of most females her age London is considered MOST WANTED!Most of her income wasn’t from stripping even though she did make good money in that line of work she was secretly connected to the women’s cartel as a hitman …or “Hit women” I should say that target abusive rich men. But when a “Hit” goes wrong London will need to rely on her street smarts if she hopes to survive while not only protecting those closest to her but her image Meanwhile trying to fix her relationship with her ex Tiger one of the biggest Drug Dealers in the city but of course this little problem she has puts their romance on hiatus, perhaps permanently after her “Revenge seeking Hit” kills his brother!
More updates will be posted on my Blog @streetzcertified.wordpress.comIMG_20171125_200246_926.jpg

BELIEVE #WordOfTheDecades

Okay yeah so maybe I’m a little weird but , am I the only one that have a favorite word?Most people don’t take the time to find out the meaning and actual history behind a word. I’m a real official geek I love words my favorite word is Believe! It’s so much meaning , faith and passion behind it. It’s a old English word that was not always spelled like it is today. It was know as Beleeve and it meant Confidence. Now we use the word with the meaning of faith…..I use both! Growing up I had a rough ass childhood. I lacked confidence and self worth, but my grandma was always there for me. Her night talks to me always included the word believe no matter what she was saying. She would always tell me to have faith be confident in myself because im a strong little lady. She would pep talk to me all the time telling me to believe in myself and in what I want to do or wanna be because I control my life. I carry this word with me everywhere I go shoot even in my dreams. When I here the word BELIEVE I feel relieved of stress. Because as long as we believe and stay positive good things are due! I even have this word tattooed on me….for keeps. Think of this word and stay positive!

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